Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today I joined an AWESOME on-line marketplace for artisans of all creative endeavors to open shop...It's called 1000Markets; it's free but each shop must be approved prior to going "live." The community theme is similar to ETSY, yet it has very different, and very cool features- like a front page "comment wall" for other shop owners to comment, and a front page Blog for the shop owner to blog and post pics. There are a variety of "Markets" one can join which characterizes your product and encourages networking with like-minded artisans. AND- payment is through (required to open a business account with but the great thing is that when somebody buys from your shop, payment is IMMEDIATE....ALL THE TIME... there is a direct connection between amazon and 1000markets- no more deadbeat buyers which occasionally occurs on ETSY. There is also no cost for uploading your items. Total commission fee is "5.5% plus .50 cents" on each sold item. Not a bad deal, not bad at all! The founders are very responsive to queries, and the over-all vibe/energy of the site is calm, cool, relaxed and very positive. There is truly a sense of community, and everybody is pretty darn excited to be there! I think the site went live in August, and there are quite a few shops open. As of now they feature ONLY artist-made shops, no vintage, supplies, etc to bury the artist shops, but they may invite those shops in the future. A big thank you to Ellen of YellowDog Farm for the heads-up, and a big, big thank you to Lisa of 1000Markets for featuring my Farmer's Market notecards on the "Fabulous Finds" community page...on my FIRST "live" day, (Winter Solstice), on 1000Markets...whoo hoo!!

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SteamSmith said...

Greetings Colleen/Elemental,

It seems that our paths keep crossing. First Etsy, then 1000Markets; now I discover that you are part of the music scene in Burlington. Do you know Collen Cleary (The Smittens)?