Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's a good thing my studio has windows...

There is just something wonderful about going bra-less and staying in my sweats and tee for the entire weekend; doing nothing but drinking coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, all the while fervishly creating little goodies for my upcoming craft shows- like a little elf trying to beat Santa's deadline...(was that a run-on sentence??)
I have managed to make 4 more art journals, and two mixed-media art dolls- and thanks to 104.7 "The Point" for its Saturday night 11-1 AM show, (I think its called "The Cosmic Lounge??" ) for its inspiring world music...and as you can see from my little creation below, the music definitely had its effect on me! (visit my shop to see how it was made). And as of today, the last remnants of the autumn leaves are falling from the trees in my backyard- including a gargantuan Oak, and a maple that appeared to be aflame during its peak. I thought the leaves on the ground would make a nice backdrop for my art doll pics.

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