Sunday, October 7, 2007

It really, truly is October!!

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I took a group of Seniors on a boat cruise luncheon last Thurday, and it was nearly 80 degrees and 100% sunny. Unbelievable weather. Snapped a few pictures because I cannot be near the water without snapping a few pics of the Waterfront. Below is a shot of the Burlington Boathouse- notice all the sailboats anchored out front?? the only reason they are not out in the broad lake is because there was not a breeze to be felt. I'm guessing the sailboat owners were all in their shorts and Tee-shirts, shopping on the Church Street Marketplace. And notice the tree over to the left? That tree with all the green-leaves? hmmm...I'm thinking they should be red, or gold, anything but green at this time of year...

And the little seagull who came in for a landing to check things out...looking completely relaxed and unconcerned... no, that little seagull is NOT thinking that, soon he will have to dip his little webbed-toes into the frigid waters of lake Champlain...mmm, mmm...that little seagull is thinking about scarfing his next french-fry off some little kid at battery Park, just up the street... ahhh, yes, the hazy, lazy, crazy days of October....(Oops...that's the "summer" song! instead, I'll go with "Shine on, shine on harvest moon....")

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