Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wickedly Chic!

I just got an email from Liz over at "Wickedlychic.com" informing me that one of my little "Fairy Tale Snippets" mini-journals was being featured in the "Daily Ditties." Wickedlychic is a website featuring Indie businesses with about 500-600 visitors a day. It's a terrific site with a great many indie artists, crafters and designers....check it out!


Monday, September 3, 2007

A Rest Stop

I was outside this afternoon taking photos of some of my art work when this little creature flew in and landed on a branch stalk right next to me...talk about synchronicity! I have been trying to capture a decent photo of a dragonfly for the last few years, and this one happens by just as I have my camera ready- I just wish I had a better zoom camera. I can see why dragonflies are associated with faeries...this one has almost human-like characteristics! Click and zoom in for a closer look!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Tis the Season!"

September already! With Autumn officially around the corner, craft season is here- (and the Art Hop coming up this weekend)! I've been working on gift tags and mini art-journals; taking a break from my art dolls for a while! A few of my gift-tag designs: An elegant finishing touch for your gifts of wine, canned goods/specialty food items, etc. The wine bottle gift tags have "Enjoy!" printed above the vase, as well as a choice of "Enjoy" printed in Spanish, "Goce!" Italian, "Goda!" or French, "Appreciez!" The tags can also be re-used by the individual who receives your gift, as recycling is a very good thing! Designed, printed, and hand-cut by me, of course!