Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Work in Progress

I seem to be on a "celestial kick" lately- I've started a sun-spirit, but have not worked on if for a few days. I have actually been working on another art project (and having a LOT of fun with it!) so the break in routine from making the art dolls has been refreshing. I am not ready to go "public" with my current little project; as it is not yet finished- (and will hopefully be on-going) but also because it strays a bit from my traditional, "non-controversial" stuff. Not that this new project is "controversial," perhaps not the best word to use- but it does involve writing, cartoon clips, as well as my own work, contemporary ephemera, "expressive" language, and something similar to "Far-Side" humor. The core of this project is that it deals with the things in life that matter most, but can get one in oh... sooo much heat...."politics, sex and religion!!" (I'm being facetious, here!!) It has been GREAT to express "that other side" of myself, and I've even had a few good laughs! Stay tuned...

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J Stocks said...

Hello Colleen,
Your Art Dolls are beautiful, and I'm eager to see your new piece once you have it completed.

I also want to thank you for your comment that you posted on the 7-days blog about the Memorial Art dolls. (At first I miss read the posts and thought that you had posted the one about the cyclops baby.)

Your post was to the point and well thought out. I too am glad that they chose to leave all of the posted comments - both the good and bad. It's refreshing to know what people think about what I do. Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to thank you in person. Peace, Jenn