Friday, August 17, 2007

Nearing Autumn!

An absolutely gorgeous summer day today, and everything is still green! But I am beginning to see hints of red in the maple tree in my back yard...only a month of summer left! The oak tree in my back yard is gargantuan- its branches reach out over my house, and when viewed from across the street, this mighty Oak makes my abode look like a dollhouse! It has got to be one of the bigger trees in Burlington...This morning I found one lone, brownish oak leaf lying on the side of my back steps. Left over from last winter, maybe?? It just seemed so out of place, as all of the leaves on the oak tree are still green...hmmm...maybe it was just getting a jump-start on Fall? Well, I was inspired to make a print of this lone oak leaf, and I took a few liberties in changing its brownish, natural color to a more acceptable "autumn" color...(altho' I think oak leaves turn more yellowish, not red). It is now forever captured on a beautiful note card. I love designs that are simple and natural...this one is a real beauty.

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