Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did their approval rating go up?

So it seems the general consensus of those in TV land is that the YouTube Democratic Presidential debate forum was a huge success..."a very interesting debate!" as one media pundit gushed. I agree; it was very risky, creative and edgy thinking on behalf of CNN to actually allow John and Susie Q. Public to ask of the Presidential hopefuls, "So, just what WILL you do if you are elected President?? (I did take note of Anderson Cooper's occasional blood-draining-from-face, near-panic attacks, especially when the Pentagon Papers' Senator was given the floor....albeit briefly)...but the Coop kept his cool and held it together....GO ANDERSON!

And so I ask...or rather, wonder..."Did Congress' approval rating go up, as the result of several of its members being such good sports in allowing common people to grill them on live TV??"
NAHHHHH........! But I'd bet my dog's kibbles and bits that YOUTUBE membership is up 1000%!! (hmmm....I wonder if they have stock offerings.....)

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